Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

(Gaura) Krishna's speech in Nagpur, on the 20th November 1996


It's a little story … a short story…

The other day, during Yogi Ramsuratkumar's darshan, somebody sent forward to Ma Devaki a piece of paper on which a question was written. Somebody was speaking at that time. Yogiji asked this question to be read. The question was: " Why so many people know such an empty life ? " Immediately, Yogiji answered with this sentence: " Because we have forgotten God ". The author of the question, a young American, came then to speak directly, what is never done. But Yogiji knew that this young man was a true seeker and He let him do. "Yes, but some persons say that they know God, but God is a mere idea." Yogiji did not answer; because his manner to proceed is not to speak, and because He never speaks for nothing. Then, the woman who was speaking before came on making a long speech on this topic. It was as if she displayed everything she knew about Hinduism. After five minutes, Yogiji cut her and said: "Because we have forgotten God, that's all; you can go back to your seat." Then, he asked the young American to come to Him, gave him a fruit and smiled while saying: "My Father blesses you." Then He asked him to seat by my side, at the bottom of the steps, in front of Him. At the end of the darshan, passing near me, Yogiji stopped and said: "Krishna, you will speak to him." God! What do say! Just to try to keep the mind calm and serene.

So, the young man came with me, we sat and i let the things come by themselves.

- You heard the speech of that woman, didn't you?
- Yes.
- Are you more advanced now?
- No.
- So did Yogiji give you the only answer and the shortest. There is nothing else to say. He made you hear all this speech to make you understand that words are without any use in this field. But, as he asked me to speak to you, let then us play with words. What did you mean?
- God is a mere idea. It is not by repeating His name that we will reach God. We will reach the idea that we have and that's all.
- Maybe, but it's a good beginning, because, as you know, our ideas evolve. At the beginning, when you were a little boy, you believed that God was a person with a long beard in the sky, and no more now.
- Yes, but when you ask most of Hindu people about Ram, they think that it is a tall blue man. I have not the idea to become a tall blue man.
- Are you doing the sadhana of these people, or are you doing yours?
- Yes, you are right. But you know, I have practised Ram Nam a number of times. I remember, once: I was at the hospital without any possibility to move. I repeated Ram Nam. I was so well! I became Ram. But afterwards only disappointment was there: I was feeling to be Ram but my acts had not changed.
- Then you had not become Ram. You didn't do Ramnam in a correct manner. It is just your ego that took Ram's name. Because, tell me, how is it possible to do a bad action when your mind is set on God?
- You are right. But I don't see any use in Ramnam.
- If you practise it like a parrot, for sure. But the first goal of RamNam is to never forget God.
-Maybe. Nevertheless God is nothing but an idea.
- That's true and false at the same time. In the beginning, maybe it's an idea. As long as this idea remains an idea, you will not go a long way, but this idea has to go from your mind to your heart, where it stays no more as an idea. It is no more an external thing, but something within you, which is your own self. As long as we see it as an idea, it remains external, and in this way we will never reach God. Because God cannot be known. Because God is not an object, It is a subject. We must not think, we must be. And Yogiji said: " Because we have forgotten God. " This is enough. Does it mean: " Because we have forgotten the idea of God ? " No.
For sure it's a name, but a name is the support, the bearer of the idea. However, if this is an obstacle for you, don't see RAM as an idea. You know, RAM was not the name of this blue god. RAM means: "Infinite Consciousness". Now, tell me whether you can define this idea: "infinite consciousness"?
- No.
- Then, go ! RAM's name was given to this boy because he was an avatar, an incarnation of RAM, the divine consciousness.
And now don't think anymore. You also have to know that RAM is the bija of the manipuracakra. Even if you don't know what it is, the sound 'RAM' is the incarnation of that energy. The entire universe comes from AUM. You know the law of the transformation of the energy and you know Einstein's law: E = mc2?
- Yes.
- Simply, in E = mc2, everything is perfect, but there is only Prakriti, Shakti. The main point is forgotten, the Universal Consciousness. You can repeat E= mc2, however it's much better to repeat RAM. This energy is an energy of FIRE. Is an energy an idea?
- No.
- Then go ! Know that this energy is burning your mind, and therefore your ideas, what you don't want, and go repeating AUM SRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM ".