Yes, we can change the world

Gaura Krishna

(7 Magha Shukla, Kali Yuga 5103 18th February 2002 c.e.)


In front of the degeneration of the world and its diving in at an exponential rate, most of the enlightened souls have as a reflection before this phenomenon: " Alas, we cannot do anything. We can only make a statement. "

This fatalistic behavior comes from a vision that is, so to say, " closely human " that reasons at the scale of a human life, and from a forgetting that God is All and that this God, this Brahman is in ourselves and that It is our true nature.

It comes from the forgetting that we are participating in the Cosmic Law, in the same way each of the drops of the ocean is participating in the ocean.

It is true that the world evolution obeys to the Sanatana Dharma, to the Cosmic Law; it is true that after the Satya Yuga, the Treta Yuga, the Dvapara Yuga, we are in the middle of the Kali Yuga. It is true that since Adam has crunched the apple, the fall of man is irremediable, as we have shown and proved so many times, for example in " Ramayana and Hebraic Genesis ". Many times we have explained the symbolism of Adam and Eve. First Adam, as an image of God, meaning the Divine Consciousness, then this scission between Adam and Eva who is made from a rib of him, scission between Consciousness and Nature or Energy, the Energy proceeding from Consciousness (made from a rib of Adam), then the coming out of the mind in the fact of crunching the fruit of the tree of the discursive (mental) knowledge, all of this coming from the selfish desire (the snake).

From this day the cosmic movement has started out. From this day the Yugas. The egotic mind, through its individualist thought, makes man slowly sink in Ignorance; since Adi Manu, Adam, the first man, has crunched the apple, the process of the levelling at the lowest has been set off. Man is no more immortal. Having cut himself from the cosmic harmony, from the sanatana dharma, he has set in motion the process of karma; his ego (his mind, his ignorance) will become stronger and stronger. Mind has begun to cut all the things, more and more, until today where he has no more any idea of the whole.

Scriptures called sacred but that are scientific too expose us this process; giving the duration and some details, with the appearance of the Yugas, those Yugas as we have shown in Time measurement in Hinduism corresponding also astronomically speaking to some points in the rotation of the Cosmos. For all is one and, once more, it is the mind that cuts and makes distinctions between astronomy, ages of the Cosmos, degrees of Consciousness, duration of life, etc.

The beginning of the Satya Yuga corresponds with the creation of Adam. Adam is in the Gods image; that means that he has the Divine Consciousness, that he is God Himself. His consciousness is 100%, his ego 0 %. At the end of the Satya Yuga, consciousness is only 75% and ego 25 %. Scriptures explain also that at this time man is far taller than today and that the duration of his life is far longer. Moreover we can find those details in other scriptures and the Old Testament speaks of the Giants and of the age of some patriarchs like Methuselah, Noah, etc.

Then comes the Treta Yuga. At its beginning consciousness is 75 % to reach 50% at the end. Size and life duration have decreased at the same rate. Then comes the Dvapara Yuga where, from 50% Consciousness is only 25% at the end, Ignorance taking the precedence over Knowledge. At the end comes the Kali Yuga where the Consciousness of man starts with 25% and will be 0% at the end and everything will crumble. We are in this age and we can see, day after day, this average consciousness diminishing at a geometrical rate. So are we going directly towards a word in the Mad Max style. It is useless to describe this world; it is enough to look around. All of us know the characteristics of the Kali Yuga where all the values are reversed, where the beautiful is called ugly and boring, where ethics is said old-fashioned, where knowledge is said pain in the neck, where Ignorance everywhere reigns as a master and where money has become the King of the world with sex as a servant (woman and gold, as Ramakrishna said). Turn your TV on and immediately you will see a band of ignorant monkeys bawling stupid things on a world that is eager to receive such things, those ignoramus being called 'stars'. But this is only one side of the things, for it is the same in all spheres. Everyone knows also how much he can be judged as a reactionary, narrow minded, etc. if he does not appreciate those creatures neither their creations, however without bearing them grudges, everyone being at his own place. Generation after generation, parallel to the levelling at the lowest, that is what still unconscious youth have said to their enlightened parents and what they will hear in their turn, if they become enlightened, from their children who, in their turn also, will not be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and will take the excrement for chocolate. Rap singers and footballers are the prophets, the visionaries of the beginning of the years 5100 of Kali yuga.! To say this is not to judge them for we don't judge the individuals, we see the state of the things. And that is only an image... And we are not at the end of the Kali Yuga as some false gurus say in an erroneous manner. Therefore we will have amply matter for having fun, even if, for sure, violence is also growing exponentially, following the same law. And speaking of reverse values, even at the level of justice, very often we see the kshatriya-policeman who have done his duty being condemned and judged as a Nazi, and the shudra-hooligan who has stolen and therefore has led to what has happened to him because of his action being praised to the skies and lauded like a martyr. And there is also politics, from the Greek "politikè": "the good of the city", become mere fight for power and selfish interests and where the good of the city has been relegated at the very bottom of the oubliettes. That changes from the "Rajadharma". Well, let us not dwell on the Kali Yuga, everybody begins to know through direct experience...

Another feature of this descent has also been exposed by Swami Rama Tirtha. At the beginning, beings filled with knowledge were ruling the world : the Brahmins : those who know. Then Kshatriyas (class of warriors) have taken precedence but were still receiving advices from the sages at the beginning. Then with time the Kshatriya kings have been replaced by the Vaishyas, the traders. The world is then led by them. This is the case nowadays, where traders are the masters of the world. Then with time Shudras will come, those who have no knowledge and are led by blind ignorance, and we are entering those times (see the 'stars' or some dictators in Africa or somewhere else).

That's, in a nutshell, the Law and its main characteristics.

So, what to do in front of this irreversible cataclysm that obeys to the Cosmic Law of which, as Jesus said, "not one iota will pass"? Is our svardharma to stay silent and just look as witnesses, with a fatalist eye, and to do nothing? Or is it to act?

As Yogi Ramsuratkumar has said, the world still stands only thanks to the presence of sages, by the presence of saints and high and noble souls( in Sanskrit : aryas).

It is a fact, Law passes and will pass and we cannot wisely do anything else than to be content to be its enlightened witnesses. But, before the flow of fatalist letters and reflections, before all those discouraged, disgusted and crying spirits, it is our duty to remind of one thing : all of us, without exception, and this until the micro-organisms, we are taking part in that Cosmic Law. We are also its actors, like every drop of the ocean is an actor of the ocean.
If we are witnesses, then let us raise above the object we are witnessing and let us raise above our individuality.

Why is it not possible for us to change the things that are taking place before our eyes? Very simply because they are the ineluctable and ruthless consequence of men's past actions. We are powerless because time is a variable of the manifestation and time is necessary for a seed to sprout, raise and become a plant. Therefore events around us will not change overnight. Is is a fact: we cannot do anything, Law passes.

But, once again, let us rise above ourselves; let us not reason at the level of our ego and of our little body that has a life duration of some 80 years in this world. Remaining at the level of the ego generates suffering. Let not our old brothers and sisters look backward with sadness, thinking that "everything buggers off", the with a mind completely disillusioned and filled with sadness. No, they must not look at the level of the worldly experience of the ego, but raise above it, they will see that the work they have done is a seed for the times to come, that it is inevitably, inexorably participating in the creation of the future. The Law is a Cosmic Law and therefore we must rise to the level of the Cosmos. It is in this manner and in this manner only that we can be really true witnesses, and it is in this manner that we can understand that we are taking part in this Law. Let us go out of this little ego, incarnated for a limited duration, let us raise above this small grain that is this Earth, let us go up, go up, let us enlarge the field of our consciousness, we are immortal! Let us look at those relativities.
In the same way everything that happens is the karmic consequence of past acts, the future will be the consequence of the present acts. And it is there that it is possible and a duty for us to intervene, as participants in the Cosmic Law. Oh for sure we will not see the effect before long! Why? Very simply because present things are the total consequence of past acts make before our eyes a muddle that seems inextricable, so much its first elements go back far in time. Therefore time will be necessary for all its effects, those innumerable effects, to be cancelled by karma, to be completely experienced. But let us not forget that, if Satya Yuga comes back, and it does not matter if it is in 10, 100, 1000 or even 1 million years, it is because we will have taken part in it in this present age of crass ignorance.

So we have not to act or to think at the level of our ego, but at the level of the Cosmos. Therefore we must follow our svadharma, and it is in this understanding that we take part in this Cosmic Law.

And here we come back to that symbol we like so much, to the little squirrel of the Ramayana (1). As we have already exposed somewhere else, the Ramayana is also the symbol of the cosmic cycle, the symbol of the creation, hence the symbol of the splitting of the Self and of the coming back to Oneself. We have assimilated Chitrakut, where Rama (Consciousness) and Sita (Nature or Energy) (accompanied by Lakshmana - Buddhi) to the garden of Eden. We have analysed the rape of Sita that is possible only by the descent on the mental level. Then, it is the tramping of the soul to find Itself again, it is the tramping of Rama to find Sita again, with all those devils they have to kill before reaching the goal. Also it has been showed that, without the appearance of Hanuman, the absolute devotion of oneself at the feet of the Divine, it is not possible to go farther. That this surrender only allow Rama-Consciousness to go into the domain of the Ego (Sri Lanka) to kill, to make disappear, to annihilate this monster.

And to go from Bharat to Lanka, there is this bridge to build. Yes, this bridge cannot be build without the help of Hanuman, "surrender and absolute" faith as Yogi Ramsuratkumar asks for.
And this surrender and this absolute faith are not only personified by Hanumanji, but also by this little squirrel that is there, near the shore. While the army of Hanuman's monkeys build the bridge with lots of huge rocks for reaching Lanka (this passage has been called "Adam's passage" by Westerners, look at the maps, when its true name since so long is "Hanuman Bridge"), here is this little squirrel that is doing round trips in taking in its small paws some handfuls of sand and going to put them for the construction of the bridge.

Like this we have to be. Similar to the squirrel, which at its level is similar to Hanuman. Doesn't matter the size, doesn't matter the date when the bridge will go until Lanka, doesn't matter the time that will be needed, let us take part in the Cosmic Work. For such is the symbol: this bridge allowing Consciousness to join Nature again, allowing Consciousness to unite with Energy, the Shakti, allowing the Being to find Itself again, such is the Cosmic Work. And time is only a variable of manifestation, it is totally relative in the same way the size of Hanuman and the size of the squirrel are relative. The squirrel follows its dharma, it follows its svadharma, he has no ego. It does what has to be done, as Bhagavad Gita teaches, without looking at the fruits of the action. To kill the ego is also to make Kali Yuga disappear.

This is possible only if we forget ourselves, if we put our ego aside. Is not the goal to kill it, to annihilate it? Therefore it is not possible to say "we cannot do anything" for this is the only point of view of the ego.

Yes, let us be witnesses of what is happening before our eyes, let us raise beyond this manifestation that obeys to the Law and, concurrently, let us take part in this Law following our svadharma, following Dharma, following this very Law. For the cycle of the Universe is also based on the svadharma of everyone in the same way it is also based on the small handfuls of sand of the squirrel.

Yes, God is in us and acts through us, and most of the time we are not aware of this. Yes, such is the Divine Lila, the great Divine Play, the Great Cosmic Play of Manifestation. Let us stop to look at everything as an individual at the level of the duration of our present terrestrial life. We know how much it is difficult to ask for this in the present world and we are aware that only some rare souls have the ability to do this. Those are the same souls that draw the world upwards, that still preserve it, that make it not blowing. Yes, the world does stay because f the presence of the sages. This word is not a mere word; it is completely 'scientific'. So let us take part with joy and with heart in the Great Divine Cosmic Play, let us do it consciously. All are taking part in it, the Big Nasty Wolf or the Little Red Riding Hood. Everything is the Ocean, there is nothing but the Ocean, but let us take part in the great play of evaporation, rain of drops, rivers that run, all those waters that are coming back to their Being: the Ocean.