So, you want to change the world?

Gaura Krishna

(27th February 2008, 17h30)



So, my friend, you want to change the world? Seems to be a great idea! I remember having the same when young. Yes, so upset to see such an injustice, such an imbalance, hearing some people saying that there is no God, since if He existed, He would not allow such a misery…

What a nice idea, changing the world! I think that almost all youth want to do so. We are revolutionary when young! By the way, could I ask you the way you will go for doing such a thing? Because, let us see, you are alone and the world is 6,5 billions people! How will you move all of them for doing something? Or, let us say, how will you move half of them to do something for the other half?

Oh, I see, OK! So, you will create an association, with other youths, and you will meet and define some politics etc… Nice, really fine. But tell me, my friend, how will you really act, after meeting and saying words? Suppose you are really good at this and you are able to gather 1.000 people in a large hall. Then you will make speeches, you will ask others to say some words too, you will compare, you will share, etc… This is really great. Ok. Then, after, please tell me the way you will go? I mean, acting really! Pardon? Oh, I see, you will ask other people to bring money and with that money you will do things. Fine… So, your job is to speak, to coordinate, and others have to bring money. What about your own money? Oh, I see, you need it for facing your own needs and for your job of talking and coordinating. Fine. So, you are 1.000 people. What will they do for changing this world? I think you know since, I'm pretty sure, you will be the 'leader' and you will teach them the way …

Actually, I remember a lot of sages coming in this world, and saying words of wisdom, about love, charity, sharing. A lot of them have come and their names are still remembered. However, I don't see any change in this world, it's even getting worse. Don't tell me that these sages have no followers! Men even created religions in their names, they preach at the least once a week nice things, in large halls like you want to do yourself, and there are millions of followers. But I don't see any change, it's even getting worse… So, please, tell me your way. It must be fantastic. Pardon me? You say: to bring spirituality? To awake their own spirituality! I see. But, are not these priests doing the same, or trying to do so? And, forgive me, but I don't see any change in this world; it's getting worse as it seems… And, tell me, for awakening their spirituality, what will you do? Please? Talk to them? Is it? Oh, oh, I see… And … that's all? You think that they will change the world. Great! What a faith, as it seems …. You know, these sages were really great, of a so high level, like God, but the world is the same, it did not change; but you say that you, you will do?

Can I ask a question? So, it seems that your thought is that you are much better than all these sages who have come to the earth. So, my next question is: what makes you think this? Other people or your own mind? Your own mind. So, my friend, what makes you think that you will change the world is nothing else than your ego. And, if I go farther, I'm sure that I'll find some little idea according to which, if you could get some fame while doing so, it would be good. Because I'm sure that you think that, with this fame, you even could do better, since people will know you, your work, and will bring more money etc. etc.

Yes, when we are young, we want to change the world. And, spiritually speaking, even if we are old, if we want to change the world, it means that we are still young in evolution and that our ego is still really strong.

Seems that God does not know what He does… Is He not the creator of this world and the One who makes it move? However you want to change His creation, your thought and feeling is that it is imperfect and that you, a little one, you will change it because God does crazy things. Really my beloved friend, you are really young…

Does not God know what He is doing? The world is perfect, my friend. It is mathematically perfect. Absolutely perfect. All these sages I have spoken of, they never tried to change the world, they never preached people to do so. How is it? They knew the world was perfect. And what they knew too was that the world is an objectivation of your mind, my dear.

When you will grow inside - because you will - then, after many experiences, among which your failures - because you will fail wanting changing the world - you will find that you have not come here to change the world, but that it is exactly the opposite: you have come for the world to change you, my friend.

The world, my friend, is a field of experience, a dharmakshetra. It is here and you enter it to be changed; to go through experiences that will remove your ego step after step, so that your own Nature, your own divine Nature will appear more and more. That is the goal of life, my friend; that is the purpose of this world. You will never change it, but be sure, be absolutely sure that it will change you and that, by doing so, you will change inside. It is your failures, your sufferings, which will change you. Not your success. Your success will strengthen your ego! Your failures, my friend! You will become humble, you will become love, my friend.

Please tell me, how do you want to change the world when you are not able to change yourself? You want to stop the sufferings of people but, when you have the lightest tooth ache or the lightest headache, you are so helpless yourself! And why do you want to change the world according to your petty vision? To tell you the truth, my beloved friend, change yourself and the world will change. So, here, you get the answer. You want to change the world? Fine! Look, there is no need of money, there is no need of speeches, there is no need of meetings, there is no need. Just close your eyes, my friend, just close your eyes, and don't think of anything. Shut your mind. That's all that you have to do, and you will change, and the world will change.

Now, let us see something else. You just became aware that, alone, definitively you cannot do anything. Let me tell you, do things, because you cannot stay without doing anything… Do things…. When you will change yourself, you will see, people around you, yes, just around you, they will change too. You will have an effect on them. Sure. They will see such gentleness, such a kindness, such a love, such an help emanating from you, that you will change them…. My friend, you will change the world. You change, this makes your neighbours change, in their turn, being nice people, their neighbours will change, and the entire world will change at the end.

Don't go here and there for speaking in meetings to only some people. This is useless. If you want to continue, do so, but at the end you will understand what I am telling you today… Who are you to think of being superior to God? Please tell me, my beloved friend?

I'll tell you what to do to change the world, and it is the only way. Love the people that God does send to you. Open your eyes. Work in your neighbouring; there is so much to do. It is not by speaking that you will change the world, it is by doing, by acting, by really being! Live, my good friend! Don't forget to live. To speak is not to live. You must live, here and now, and not there and in the future! You will do such a good around you! Stop to reject people that God sends to you, thinking that you have a 'mission' to accomplish. If He did so, if He does so, there is some purpose that you don't know. A purpose for you, my friend. For you. It is for you. Don't miss what God sends to you, looking outside. Don't miss it, here is your life! Here and Now. Don't miss the present, thinking of some future… Breathe what is around you.

Change yourself, stop thinking of changing the world. Change yourself and the world will change, and you will become love, my friend, and you will find the only true happiness.

Look, Jesus never went all around the world! Ramakrishna stayed always in Dakshineshvar and did not make trips all over India. I don't see the Buddha going long distances. No, there were spreading light just by being. Spreading light around them. And the entire world remembers their names.

My friend, let us work at our own level. You are the entire world, your neighbouring is the entire world. The seed is the tree. Water the seed and the tree will be wonderful! You are the seed, the world is the tree, and, being the seed, you are the world. You are the universe, my friend, there is nothing outside yourself.

My friend, if you want to change the world, you lose yourself and your life; if you want to change yourself, you earn the world.