Only Hinduism can save the world


Ravana has abducted Sita and brought her in the faraway Lanka. Kauravas reign supreme. Satan has been released in the world, according to the terms of John's Apocalypse. Ram is filled with sadness, Pandavas are hiding. But we are in Kali Yuga, and tamas has put beings to sleep.

Such is the 'global situation' in this year 5100 of Kaliyug. As described in Scriptures, all the values are inverted, what is ugly is considered as art, spots have become painting, rap has become music, ignorance the summit of evolution, satisfaction of desires is the rule, money is the master, footbal the new opium of the people, the stadium the new temple where one goes on Sunday. Selfishness is the king. Poor become poorer, rich richer, rich nations the same, poor nations the same, according to the same rule, legalized despoiling. Politics is no more "the good of the city", but the crazy desire to get power and money, to the very detriment of the country. With the money of the people that laboriously earn their living, ministers treat themselves to luxurious cars they don't need at all. Machine takes the place of man that has become useless, shamelessly thrown away; this is 'normal', economic law. If one wants to earn pennies, one must lose man. Nature is suffering, exploited without any concern for the next day, polluted without any remorse, without any consciousness man kills his Mother.

Unceasingly history repeats itself. The same unavoidable catastrophe will happen. Man understands what fire is only when he burns himself. As long as he is not in the catastrophe, he continues. In front of this, some wave placards, others join obscure sects, others again embrace drug, each one searching for a paradise within his reach .. when they still move.

In Mauritius for instance, a kind of laboratory in real time, unconsciousness is total and nobody moves. TV, rhum have put consciousnesses to sleep. Mauritius, picture-hankerchief of the world, runs after the Western 'values', though have proved to which extent they were killing men and murdering happiness. The 'tiger' of the Indian Ocean has no consciousness to be only a tiger of paper that can fall at the slightest snap of fingers.And the same "me I, me I, me I" repeats itself in echo.

Man has the cheek to call that "the development'! Man runs and does not even ask himself the question : "Why I am running? And after what am I running ? How do some families manage to live properly in Mauritius is a true question. But the people doesn't matter, what matters is the "big realisations", a subway (?), a tunnel (?), a second airport (?). What does the people say about those fantasies? Nothing, it sleeps. Specially the Hindu. The Hindu seems to have a sleep power above others. Well yes, often he is aware of his caste, his jati! Well yes for that he exists! But when adharma reigns as a master, one can look for him, even in the corners, it is impossible to find the least Kshatriya - you know, the one whose dharma is to defend Dharma, to go until giving his own life for it! Hindu knows how to perform wonderful ceremonies, flowers are everywhere, our eyes are full, incense gives off scents (artificial now) that touch the sense of smell without failing. Loudspeakers are at a so powerful level that the sound is full of distorsions and eardrums risk of collapsing and it is strictly impossible to have the slightest contact with one's neighbour. No problem, all the senses receive plenty on their faces, no one can be jealous of the other. And once all that is finished, all that firework, then what remains? Nothing, however in searching well. Why? Because actually there was nothing, only swagger. Where is heart, intelligence, quest, love? However all of them think they are good Hindus. For showing off a lot of people are there. But try to make them come to bhajans, to reunite them for a deep teaching given by great soul that comes only for them, to give, and if you succeed in gathering 100 Hindus, you may consider you are blessed. Or it is because you have announced that a free meal will be served after.

Yeah, such is the global situation. And still, what a paradox, only Hinduism can save the world. For if the world is in a such condition, it is simply because Dharma is foulted, degraded, it is spitted at it. "Because man has forgotten God", Yogiji says.

Yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyuttanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamyaham

Paritranaya sadhunam
vinashaya ca dushkrtam
dharma samsthapanarthaya
sambhavami yuge yuge

At each time Dharma is declining and adharma grows, then I incarnate. For the protection of virtuous, for the eradiction of those who do harm, and for restoring Dharma on a firm base, from age to age I incarnate. (Bhagavad Gita)

Of course Ravana makes a joke out of those words; he thinks that dharma defenders take their dreams to be realities, and he continues even more.

Sanatana dharma teaches that every action brings about consequences to which it is impossible to escape. This is a scientific reality, that explains the condition of the world moreover. The only way to save the world is to come back to a life in harmony with dharma, with the natural law. There is no other solution. Of course this oges through the awareness, on a global scale, that the world is heading for disaster because of the selfish madness of man. And this sudden global awareness asks first for the same sudden individual awareness. And it is in this that Hindus are given responsibilities. We don't call "Hindus" those who are from Indian race, belonging to a particular religion called "Hinduism" as set of rituals. No, we call "Hindu" the one who does his best to live in harmony with the natural law, in the same way as the new-born is Hindu by nature. This individual sudden awreness must then grow to the level of the country and so on. It cannot be otherwise

So, at the level of Hindus, this passes, first, through the eradication, the refusal of blind creed that is totally against Hinduism, through the rejection of the superstitions that congest it, and through a re-explanationn of its true nature. At a time when all societies meet, each one must take the best of the others. If Hindus want to follow occidental values, then let them follow scientific and logical values, let them rediscover their scriptures, their culture, let them become aware that the "rishis" were not dreamers, but seers and great scientists, let them know that they have nothing to envy West, but that all they could envy was already in their culture long before Westerners become themselves aware of it. Therefore the question is to explain again to the Hindus that true Hihnduism is Sanatana Dharma, and that this is not exactly a 'religion', but the Cosmic Law l s'agit donc de réexpliquer aux hindous que le véritable hindouisme est le sanatana dharma, et que ceci n'est pas une religion proprement dite, mais la Loi Cosmique àwhbich the entier Univers obeys, that the Ramayana is not only the story of a beautiful princess that is abducted by a devil and taken back by the handsome prince Rama assisted by monkeys, but, also and above all the quest of the soul, its path towards its return to its own Divine Being, talked in a symbolic form. That prayer does not consist in bowing and scraping to a murti and saying : "God, give me this, give me that!", but in going to the bottom of one's heart and saying : "God, don't give me anything, but take me."

Hiduism has fallen at the level of the different religions because of the "levelling down". Now, what remains of the presentation of the Universal Truth? From Vedic mantras, teaching has gone to the Puranas because nobody was understanding Vedas anymore. Then, as nobody was understanding the symbolism of the Puranas anymore, with time one has come to the pure ritualism and Hinduism, from explanation of the Universal Truth, has presently become a set of rituals, each one more complex than the other, to which people don't understand anything but that they blindly follow like sheep, without understanding anything and without even searching for some understanding. And one asks the question why there are no more youth in mandirs or for listening speeches! When it is spoken of Hinduism on TV, one sees an old priest who does not move at all, who grumbles while explaining why such plant must be brought for the Durga puja, etc... The question is : will we be more advances? How do you want that youth don't go away! Don't bear them a grudge! Swami Vivekananda askeds just for some muscular young boys, even atheistic, to change the world. What an image Hinduism is giving to the world!

Hinduism teachs us that "all is one", sarvam kalvidam Brahma, that the world is one family. That : "what you do to the smallest among your people, you do it to Myself", as Jesus said, that is to say : to yourself.

When Hindus will be united, then human race will be able to unite. All dogmas have to fall down. Catholic Church is falling too and in the future enlightened Christians will see, very clearly, that Jesus has preached nothing but Vedanta, sanatana dharma, and that he never created any special religion. This day will come when all will find again true Hinduism, true universal laws that, by definiion, are the same everywhere. Then, golden age could start, but not before.