Gaura Krishna

(March 1996)


We agree, one must fight against sects, at least to protect the children, for, after all, every man is free, and he goes towards what corresponds to his level of evolution.

'Sects wash the brain.' How much this is true! Then, why one does not pursue the Catholic sect? From my birth, it inculcated things in my brain, from which I was able to extricate myself with terrible inner struggles only 17 or 18 years later! It has prevented me to be free, to freely live for years because of what it had put in my brain! It has obstructed my evolution, my youth. It had programmed me!

'Sects are powers of money.' How much this is true! Was Catholic Church not immensely rich? Collection every Sunday, and so many donations, and so many donations ; poor people who 'believed' and 'believe', old persons who leave their fortune! What was its name, one of the banks, Ambrosiano? I already do not remember! It is this very Church that was ruling the Western world!

'Sects can come out with murders'. How much this is true! Oh, the Catholic sect, how many people has it murdered, in so many countries in the world! And tortured! How many millions? In the name of God!

"Mom, why does one allow them to continue, before the entire world ? Mom, why even heads of States show themselves there? Mom, I don't understand. Why does one help to build mosques when, at the same time, one kills in the streets? Mom, explain to me. I don't understand the human being. Mom, why one does not prevent them to proselityze among poor nations, why one does not prevent them to take advantage of these poor? For, Mom, tell me, either one allows everything, or one forbids everything."

Mom: " Yes, my son. I must protect you. However, when you will be a big boy, you will be able to go wherever you want, according to what you will feel to be true inside yourself. "