Gaura Krishna

(August 1996)

"Strength is the ethics of men who are distinguishable from the common run, and it is mine.
"It is through violence that one seize God's Kingdom"


In our modern world, the tendency is to see the being that follows a spiritual path as a weak one who applies to some external divinity to get some help.

Such spirituality is nothing but pettiness, weakness, ignorance and fear. The first stage of spirituality consists in becoming an individual. In order to be able to reject any individuality, all the same one has first to become an individual, to be free and fearless. Spirituality is not for the weak, neither is it for those who prostrate themselves at full length before self-styled gurus, without any discrimination, just because they wear an ochre robe. There is the open door for sects: weakness. Neither is it for those who, living in a modern world, accept to be swallowed by a out-and-out government service, true machine for compressing the being, without any reaction of truth and this because of the fear to lose some property; neither is it for those who are content in saying 'make love, not war' and deliver long speeches about peace. Spirituality, as one would say nowadays, is not for 'false asses' or 'frogs of holy water basins'. This is the first teaching of Bhagavad Gita: "Instead of weeping on the destiny of your kids and kin, Arjuna, take up arms and fight!"

Religion is not to go to the church or to the temple or to the mandir. Religion is at every second of life. Religion is life itself. Religion is everywhere. As soon as there is creation, there is religion, for there is what links what is created to the creator. Considering a second meaning, religion is the awareness of this link.

Weakness gives birth to fear. Fear of sin, fear of tax people, fear of gossip. Fear and weakness. Our modern world is a machine for creating weakness and fear, for creating standardized behaviours, for making everyone a number, number for the administration, number for the bank, number for social security… number for I don't know what else, production and consumption units. But society, like a set of sheep, follows; it follows, and spends its life without living, without life, without soul, without breath, without faith nor Law, without God. Where is man? Yes, as Sathya Sai Baba said, it is not man who searches for God, it is God who searches for a true man!

Swami Vivekananda did not want devotees, nay, and he proclaimed it loudly, he wanted men with muscles; healthy men, in body and mind. Where is man? As a sect, alas well known, says: "Let us awake!" "Awake, arise", this leader of souls said, this Shri Ramakrishna's arm, Swami Vivekananda. The strong comes ahead of the weak, that's the law of nature. If we want spirituality to invade the world, this can be only the fact of the strong, not of the weak. Only the strong is fit to receive that faith that really "moves the mountains " while the weak will not even be able to lift a fly. The spiritual man is a free man. What is spirituality if not the search for Liberation? Searching for Liberation when in day to day life we are but slaves, what is this spirituality that is nothing but a word to make us laugh. To be a "free man", this is not a vain word. Freedom is in the field of the inside, freedom is to depend on nothing because there is attachment to nothing.