The world is perfect

Gaura Krishna


Actually, the world is perfect. It cannot be otherwise. In which is it perfect? In that that it cannot be otherwise, because it follows the Universal Law (sanatana dharma).

The universal Law is that, from the appearance of the mind that cuts the Truth is pieces, the levelling down is irremediably under way and that, from the complete Light, it will go toward complete Darkness before coming back to the Light.

However, it would be wrong to think that we cannot do anything. Of course, a priori, we cannot change the world. But all the same we are what we do of us and the world is what we do of it. We are taking part in its change by following and doing our dharma, by following our law of being that is also a part of the sanatana dharma. And it is in this way that we are behaving like the squirrel of the Ramayana, it is by bringing our little pile of soil - even if it appears as imperceptible in time and space - that this small pile of soil joins in the other small piles of soil and that, in the course of centuries, these very small piles of soil make an Himalaya that changes the world, according to the Eternal Law, the Sanatana Dhara, the Natural and Dvine Law. Actually we take part in the sanatana dharma, and eveything takes part in it. It is this body of small imperceptible piles of soil that, in a future that is unknown to us, will become a bridge that will go from Bharat to Lanka, allowing Rama (Consciousness) to defeat Ravana (Ignorance). Thus, we are taking part in the manifestation and in the cosmic cycles.