(C.C.) Krishna

published in a Magazine of South India
in the end of December 1995


How can one speak about ones experiences with YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR who is the divine Silence, and who confers directly to the heart ? All is in this :


Now, coming down to the level of the mind, let us say that the experience with HIM begins at birth, maybe before, one does not know. Yes, in the true sense, from the beginning, we are always experiencing YOGI RAMSURATUMAR. Now, if you want to say : " Please say something about your experience in Tiruvannamalai, then it begins at the very entrance of the ashram. You can see that ashram in construction. That ashram is yourself in construction, under the guidance of Yogiji. And look how more and more beautiful it is day after day. Day after day you can perceive the beautiful form it will reveal until the day when it will become " one of the most powerful spiritual spots on the earth. But that will happen slowly, nearly without being aware of it " ". Yes, this ashram is yourself.

Now, you come in. The experience continues. You meet wonderful people. All of them are workers, managed by Mani. Does not that word mean " jewels " in sanskrit ? The contact with each of them is an experience with YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR. From Muttu you learn something, from Selvaraj you learn something else, and from Gopala, and him, and him. Do you know those names ? Kanna, Ravi, Kumar, Suresh, Krishnamurti, Natarajan, Venkatraman, and all the other ones who will forgive me for not putting their names, because they don't look for that. Some are fine artists and poets. Doesn't matter the name, if you are able to feel the hearts within which YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR stands. With each of them, you can get light from their candles. This Light is enlightening everyone. Lights are everywhere there. Some are doing very hard work, but when Swamiji's car is passing by, just look at them. All of them are my brothers, I share their hearts. They teach me humility, kindness, faith, devotion, work in joy, dedication.

Now, you meet great devotees of the Master. How sweet are those names to my heart : Prema ! Is there a more beautiful name ? Suresh my brother and his smile, Radhakrishnan and his words, Ramesh and his silence, Anand and Shaktivel with their laughter ! " YE MERA PARIVAR HAI ! " All of them are my deep brothers and sisters. The experience ? A complete unity of heart. We are only ONE heart in the same Father. You can feel the unity in God. This is " unbelievable ". Not a word is required, but all of us express the same. You know, there I met Prahlad, and he put a rakhi at my heart.

It is darshan time and Yogiji comes out of the car. Looking at his back, you can see Jesus. Clothes, hairs and the crown. Oh! that crown ! The crown of the King, but the crown of God who has come for us, and is taking our thorns. And look, Yogiji is seated and He is Arunachala ! He is Shiva ! And the other day the turban was set in such a manner that some hairs were going up. Arunajata. Ganga was emanating ! For us.

Coming in and following the divine steps, Sudama's sisters and Devaki Ma will give you an other 'experience' with Bhagavan. " They are my mothers ", says the Father, deeply moved. To know the meaning of the word " Devotion ", of the word " Love ", you need just good eyes. Not a single piece of the ashes of the Charminar will fall without the care of Devaki Ma ! Devaki Ma is our shining Mother. She is the Mother of the ashram which is ourselves.

Holy songs are rising. Closing your eyes, you can hear angel's voices with divine vibrations which pervade your heart. Even if you do not know the tamil language. What to say when they sing in sanskrit and you can understand some ! The songs sing " YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR ", which is the name of the Father from the time the soul of " this beggar " merged in the Brahman.

Nobody is able to say who is YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR. To know, we have to become YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR. We are, but we do not know. " MY FATHER ALONE EXISTS ". No words are needed because Yogiji is the living God. A living teaching, Love incarnated, the embodiement of humility, renouncement, wisdom,simplicity, compassion... He is simply " unbelievable ". There is no word. This God will say " my Father ", never " I ", there is no " I ". There is That. A total transcendance. How is it possible for somebody to speak of God ?

The ways of Father are unscrutable because such are the ways of God. Without a word, Father transforms you, moulds you, leads you, opens your mind, opens your heart... With a gesture, or more rarely a word, or by an event - you don't know - he will give you an answer you were waiting for. But at the same time, your neighbour will get his own answer ! All in all ! He will drive you onward day after day, and HE will make you chant AUM SRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM, feel that all is RAM, that there is nothing but RAM, nothing but SHIVA, nothing but HE. He will make you understand His Consciousness is All in All, and not only in the body of " this beggar ", he will make you see HE is working in the heart of everyone.

But HE will make you understand something else. The strength of the ego ! If you listen to His unpronounced words, HE will tell you within yourself and by examples, how strong it is, how " slippery " is the path. And during those privilegied moments when HE leads you to that elevated state of mind, the ego is yet there, there is yet a subject and an object. At that moment, your entire being is saying : " Oh Father, take this little one with You ! ". Then, when His fragance is taking your being, HE makes you understand that to go beyond the ego, the veil, there is only one path : HIS GRACE. And there is only one way : SURRENDER and absolute faith. More and more you are stuck to HIM. It is no more possible to detach from HIM. Anyway you don't want to. You know that even SURRENDER will come by His GRACE alone. All is His Grace.

Before you meet YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR, He has already taken your life in His hands. You are not aware of that ! He does everything, we have to just stay in His hands. He draws you to HIM and you realize that only after some years. He does all, we do nothing. Father is compassion ! He will give you what you ask Him for. He will say " SERI ". I think if you want fame, He will give you. The lesson will come. If we ask for HIM, we will receive. He will lead us to surrender. For that we must open our hearts totally.

When HE makes you seat in the middle, people may beleive it an honour. If you take that as an honour, then your heart is not open and you slip on the way. In fact HE is exposing your ego. By the time, HE stands up to bless HIS devotees, He makes a simple gesture requiring your hand. Like a spring, you go to help HIM and in walking you take care that His feet do not get hurt. Fool you are ! HE is leading you, HE holds you firmly, you understand that clearly ! What have you to be afraid of ? What have you to worry about ? You are in His hands. And the divine fragance comes to you. And your heart hears : " Surrender, surrender ! " That is the way. By a glance HE will correct you, by a smile HE will encourage you, by a touce HE will tell you that to day you are doing well. Because HE knows your most secret thoughts. Sometimes you feel you have lost contact with HIM. For sure you know it is your fault, the ego which has come back. And you feel so sad, so small, like a .... You are no more waiting for something. And then, at that very moment, you will get a divine smile ! Lesson is taught. The smile is the diploma.

Let us be guided, let us surrender in His divine hands. My divine Father has blessed this unworthy fellow. He blesses everyone as the sun does. He is always blessing, always giving HIMSELF totally. But what are we giving to HIM ? He is the incarnated Teaching. Humility without limits.

In His presence a day is like a month. Because your mind is concentrated and you take care of every moment. You learn to live every second which is passing, to look at the minutest detail, and you realize that God is always teaching you, every second. You learn how to live, that all is a lesson in life, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Oh yes, the Guru is all in all. " Guru, God and Grace are one ",says Bhagavan, quoting Ramana Maharshi. All is illusion. Yes, He alone exists ! But we have to realize that, to BE HIM !

I think that Father is also moulding some people for times to come. But anyway HE is leading all of us, by taking our hands and guiding us. He leads us to the Supreme Goal. We have to be ready constantly. Jesus said : " No one knows the day neither the hour. So, be ready. "

No, ones experience with YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR cannot be described. It is a secret of the heart for everyone. He is working there, in the heart of all, washing it. He purifies us by the fire of RAM. The fire of RAM SURAT KUMAR who smokes the Charminar which is as strong as our ego. He is burning this strong habit, and look how it vanishes. With His fan, He separates in us the good grains from the chaff. The embodiement of Teaching : He has nothing, for He is all.

YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR is the Master of Masters. He is the blessing Sun, the blessing Light. He is my Father. He is my Love. I am nothing, nothing, nothing, but I am HIS. That is my glory. "