Aum Sri Jai Guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar

(C.C.) Krishna
Discourse on the occasion of Yogiji's Jayanti in December 1994


" Salutations to Holy Father !
Salutations to Holy Ma !
Salutations to Bharat Mata !
Salutations to you, blessed and beloved brothers and sisters !

As everybody knows and feels, to-day is a very special and great day. It is the first public Jayanti in the very presence of Father in this blossoming spiritual place. It is the occasion and exression of the blossoming and spreadinf of the Message and Name all over the world.

And when this stupid one was required, in such a particular manner which belongs only to Yogiji, to make a speeck in this very day, he was feeling that it is a big blessing, but, alors, felt it was the most difficult thing which he was nevers asked to do, without any possibility to escape.

This is the most difficult because the most beautiful speech would be the absolute silence (je vois alors Ma Devaki être ravie par cette phrase.) There is no word to speak about Father and any word which comes to the mind appears to be vain. He is beyond words. But this stupid had to speak something.

So he prayed to the one who appeared in the world as an incarnation of Music, and humble and dirty one too, who had helped him so much, Beethoven, to come to his rescue, because only music can express what is inexpressible. But immediately, the answer came to the mind : " Whatever I did compose is only for His Glory, all I did write is singing Him.(Et ici je reprenais les termes reçus en 1971 !:) Every blade of grass, every rock is singing Him. I just transposed the Nature's voices in Music in order to allow men to understand what makes them great ! (Et je continuais :) That music continues to be played and always will be. One has just to close the eyes, the ears and the other senses and go to the deepest of oneself, and that Music can be heard. "

But, as a matter of fact, it is there that the entire problem resides. Father hears constantly this Music because it is His, and all of us can fell it emanating from Him.

So what to say ? What to say ! When this stupid one was a baby, he couldn't say anything and his parents converted him into catholicism, whidh he of course left afterwards, and he received the name John the Baptist. So he tried on that side and turned toward John the Baptist, the eater of mosquitoes, that very great soul who announced the arrival of Christ. And the answer came from his very words : " He hold the fan in his hands. I'm not even qorthy of unknoting the strap of his sandals ! " Oh! Brothers and sisters, what can this mosquitoe then say, of what he is worthy of, for Father has no sandals !

I'm not worthy enough, even to say few words to you, blessed. But I am standing here only as an imperfect tool struggling to express the glory of my tender Father and of that name : YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR.

One feeling that most of us get in our first encounter with Yogi Ramsuratkumar is that is is the kind Father.

Father Yogi Ramsuratkumar is the GODCHILD and in this presence all of us become innoncent children. In His presence we are childlike because we get stuck to Him just like hungry children cling to their Mother's bossom. Before coming to Yogiji, all of us saw only the tip of our ego which is like an iceberg. Yogi Ramsuratkumar, like a true mother, makes us aware of our own iceberg, hidden deep inside us with his kind glance.

And tears are coming, so much as we feel our littleness, our unworthiness. Those tears flow not because of that littleness, but because, in spite of it, He takes us and blesses us. Father is always blessing, blessing, blessing.

Father says that He is a " dirty beggar "? If he is a dirty beggar, then who are we ? What makes us stuck to Him ? It must be His dirt. But is not that dirt our own He takes from us ? It reminds me of what Devaki Ma was narrating to us some time last week : " A renowed man came one day to get the blessings of Bhagavan. Bhagavan asked him : " Why to come to see this dirty beggar ? Why don't you go to the sannyasis, the swamis, why this dirty beggar ? " And the wonderful answer came : " Bhagavan, to take a little bit of your dirt. "

Beggar is a word full of meaning ! And we may ask : " What is that dirt if it's not our own He takes from us ? "

After the first darshan of Father in 1990, three sentences of Jesus came to my mind. The first is : " If you want to become like Me, renounce thyself. " The second is : " Leave all and follow Me ", and the third : " Be like those little kids who come to Me. " That is certainely the dirt. One cannot find a bvetter being than Yogiji who floowed and is a true incarnation of those precetps.

Father doesn't teach those whio come to Him by words. The method of Father is in sharp contrast to those people who make for hours of dry metaphysical speeches as we buy some kilos of potatoes, like " all is in all, and vice versa ". Such people seldom live the 'truth' that they are expressing. But Yogi Ramsuratkumar lives that Truth and in His way He shaws us the path and the goal. Yogi RAMSURATKUMAR is an epitom of " TAT TVAM ASI ".

Father teaches everyone like Dakshinamurti. His every action, His every movement expresses the inexpressible Truth. His running fingers teach us that we should constantly remember God. Rare words from His mouth greeting people teach us how to be humble and pious. The way in which He moves with all those who come to Him teaches us that we should love everyone. His laughter teaches us that we should always be happy since Gode is taking care of everyone.

While at the same time learning of all of these, we should strive to get this divine dirt ! Nay ! We should pray to Him to shower us with it.

How to pray to Him to give the divine dirt ? One should renounce oneself, leave all and follow Him. But how many of us are prepared to leave everything, including family, like that, on the spot ?

Lord Krishna says that only one in thousand seeks Him. Among thse only one attains Him. Ma DEVAKI renounced everything, and she got the divine Dirt. For us, lesser mortals, it may be not possible. It would be sufficient for us to look to Ma DEVAKI with full faith and devotion when her eyes turn towards Father. When we do that, we feel the degree of Love and Faith we have to reach and we bow to her, our holy Mother. And the divine dirt, may be, will be ours.

Those who doubt about this should look at Mani. He sacrificed everything and turned himself completely with devotion to Yogiji, Ma Devaki and the devotees. I remember him last year calling himself : " This beggar's beggar ". So to-day Father works through Mani and the external expression of this spiritual place is coming out of the ground, under our eyes, on this very day.

Such is the grace of Father. All is the Grace of Father, whose the ways are, as each of us knows, unscrutable. Look ! Is it really possible for all of us to say that we are here to-day by our own will ? No, for sure ! For a lot, if we look backwards in our lifes, we can see that, at a moment or at another one, at the time of even a temprary but deep surrender, he took us and led us to His holy Feet, and we become aware of that, in great details, sometimes years after. So who makes the things ? Ourselves or Father ? Father of course ! We are not the doers. And it seems that if we follow the Sanatana Dharma, we just do freely what as to be done.

And for that stupid one, he knows why he has a nose so long. It's because Father is pulling him bu the nose. Look how sometimes it's funny. When last year this stupid Krishna entered Sudama's, wasn't it the house of his mother Devaki ? And do you know what Ma Devaki said on presenting him a man a little bit older : " Krishna, here is Balaram ! " So is Father's lila . We are not the doers. All is Father's lila !

So He made us be with Him on this very day. And everybody knows he will not make big speech. Speeches are yet for us. Father is beyond words. He did not come to the earth to speak, but for a farther stage. Besides He says that all was already said by the numerous sages of that holy Bharat. Books are now available everywhere, to listen to the words of those lights. Ad Father has summarized all science, all philosophy, all religion in only one sentence : " My Father alone exists. "

Each of us knows that words are only of the mind's sphere and can only bring us to a point and not farther. Beyond that point begins the true realization. But that work is not easy in this present world. Yogiji has summarized all sadhana in only one word, the name of the Lord.

Ma Devaki said last week, and may Father forgives if the quotation is not in the same words : " Bhagavan said he has not brought anything new. But he said He gave THE NAME to the world. "

This is also the very indication of what we have to do : repeat and chant the Name, but also give that Name we received to the worls who needs RAMA so much, spread everywhere the Name of RAM and the Name of Yogi RAM-SURATKUMAR which are only one.

This little one is coming back from Nagpur where, with sadhu Rangarajan, we met a pious man who, ,for fifteen years, is spreading Ramnam and has created centers everywhere in India. We participated also to a beautiful Ramnam Homa. That man said that one day he felt he had to do that. And so the Ramnam followers are uniting. So are the ways of our divine Father.

Chanting his Name is also chanting His glory and here his glory is nearly the only subjet of discussion. On the other day, it was so with a shining devotee of Yogiji who got the surprise, when he wanted do make a picture of the holy feet of Father in Dipam day, to see them printed in his heart but not on the film because there was none in the camera. We were in a rickshaw speaking of Father and, at the same moments, our bopdies got the same reactio, you know : the skin becomes like the skin of chickens, as we say in France. And the discussion went on Sri Ramakrishna and both were totaly united in the same feeling, in the same question, and in the same chicken skin. Some features came in our minds, and he said : " We were not blessed to see Sri Ramakrishna, but in this life we are very blessed because we have the great luck to see Him in the features of Yogiji. " But at the question to know if it was, as Sri Ramakrishna said " not in the vedantic sense ", the rickshaw stopped.

Oh Bharat Mata, Holy Mother, you gave and gives to that stupid one the true food, the milk of the Cow, and you gave him the only Father he was looking for in the darkness. In this life you sent that little one far from you to make him missing You. O Mother, I bow to You ! Vande Mataram ! O Father, you know this nose is not long enough ! O yes, Bharat is my Mother, Yogiji is my Father ! "