which construction ?

C.C. Krishna
(Published in French in RAMA NAMA n° 56 - July 1998)

Yogiji, my beloved and loving Father who hides in the depth of our heart and in all that exists, who can know You ? Who can know something which is Himself ? Man is wandering in believing that he has to find, to build or to reach one thing or one Being which is external to him, something different from him, an object which will be reached by a subject. Both are the same et it is this consciousness one has to reach. What a difficulty ! How difficult it is to speak of You, Yogiji, for you are nothing more. Language is lost in terms which only prove its powerlessness. Being nothing, You are not 'interesting'. So nobody is speaking of you. And You remain hidden to the world, like God in us. So few pay attention. Yet, being nothing, you are All, and language stops in the same way as it stops as soon as one passes over the mental barrier. You are the very example of what a man has to reach in personality : nothing. The example of what he as to become in Being : all. The two go hand in hand.

Yogiji, true enigma. So few books speak of you and still all the sacred Scriptures are doing nothing but this and there You are expressing Yourself. So few people know you outside Bharat - and that is of no importance for you - and still all are seeking You. You don't speak, you merely Are, you don't teach, you are the Book. My Father, not to try to be somebody, what a funny behaviour in this world ! Not to try to build something, just for asserting oneself, what a stupidity in the eyes of society ! Not to try even to be an instrument, for then it is the ego which speaks and Your hands move away from the bad tool. But to lose oneself, to lose oneself in You, to think only of You and then all goes alone and You truly do because of our non-existence. You are like Uchira where so many people are coming but where so few are feeling, this spot where there is nothing but where Para Brahman is worshipped. At Chitrakut in Mauritius, there is a spot without building nor mandir, in a almost natural condition which is named Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram. People ask : when will you begin the construction ? Father, which construction ?